These are a few of my favoriteeeeeeeeee RUGS....

These are a few of my favoriteeeeeeeeee RUGS....

Can you hear me singing the song in my title?

Raindrops on roses…..And whiskers on kittens….Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings….. These are a few of my favorite things.

Now if I was truly on top of my game, I would have inserted some catchy line to replace one above using “rugs” within in…

Anyways- excuse my absence on my blog as of late. You see… my day job (the one that pays my bills) has gotten in the way, and we’re on the final push to regents exam week in New York. Add in the side-gig (the one that feeds my home goods addiction) and I’ve been completely slacking on the blog posts. I also don’t know if you heard- but I recently became a “plant mom”, unplanned (it always happens that way doesn’t it), and the little bastard has been keeping me up at night. I started following someone else’s blog a few months back- and she wrote about keeping to a schedule on her blog of posting at least three times a week…and I thought gosh- with two kids how does she have time for that? Then I learned she quit her teaching job to pursue her blog passion. There’s just only so much brain power and creativity to go around. Maybe I need to hire a ghost writer? Or get a sugar daddy and quit my day job? (Shad doesn’t read this, but if he did… I want you to know I still love you and we can share the sugar daddy).

By the way, tonight’s blog is brought to you by a winning combination of starbucks double-shot espresso, post-work out endorphins, and a super-productive day at work.

So… my GO TO spot for quality and reasonably priced rugs, as I mentioned in my previous post here: Area Rugs 101: Top 3 Places I Find Rugs, is having their big Memorial Day Sale… up to 70% off. (Don’t you love the whole “up to” terminology… which means everything but the rug you want will be 70% off… just kidding, almost all the rugs are at least 50% if not 70% off.) And as of late I feel like all I’ve been looking at and sending is rugs, rugs, rugs, to clients- so I figure I’d compile this post as a go-to, not only for my clients but also for myself, and any others looking for rugs, or waiting on my “wait-list” for me to come decorate (thanks for being patient, btw!!).

Reasons why I love

1) Their rugs are QUALITY… I’ve literally ordered over 50 rugs from this place… and all of the rugs EXCEPT ONE, were absolutely quality, long-lasting, and exactly as pictured. (That one rug btw… ended up looking zebra-like in person and was super accommodating regarding return shipping. Normally you’d have to pay return shipping).

2) Their rugs are REASONABLY PRICED…. I want to say dirt CHEAP for rugs … but cheap has such a negative connotation that most would think that the price replaced the quality. (It doesn’t")

3) They ship SO FAST… and FREE!!! I’ve literally ordered rugs and they’ve ended up on my doorstep in less than 36 hours… (anything that can get here faster than amazon prime always amazes me).

4) They have so many SIZES to fit most spaces….. they also have sizing guides online to help you determine what’s the best fit for your room.

5) CONVENIENCE: I use to do the whole homegoods hunt thing for rugs and I swear it’s just not worth the energy and gas anymore. I hardly ever even look in the rugs section of Homegoods anymore because I know I can get a better price and the size I want from rugsusa.

6) There’s ALWAYS a sale… and I always tell my clients if the current sale is anything less than 40% off… wait it out a week ‘til the next sale. I never buy a rug from rugsusa unless the sale is 50% or better. Sometimes your phone will even stalk you and send you one of those popup adds for a coupon code of 50% off in your social media. I always see one called ESALE50… and it usually works.

and 7) They now have a “SEE THIS RUG IN YOUR ROOM” feature… where you take a pic of your room and they put the rug in the room to give you a good idea. Be sure to also check the reviews, customers are always posting pics of the rugs in their rooms to give you a good idea as far as color.

So this post will outline my favorite rugs and almost all of them I’ve seen in person and can vouch that they’re awesome. If you’re interested in the rug all you have to do is click on the picture and it will bring you directly to the rug on the website. I’ll include a couple of honorable mentions that I’ve been jonesing to see in person but no clients have taken the bait to buy them yet.

Click on the pictures to be brought directly to the rugs!

Jute Weaved Rugs:

These type of rugs can really add texture to a space- and can even be used to layer underneath a cotton patterned rug. Recently we ran into some issues with a client of mine’s cat- so depending on your cat, you might have issues. However, I do have a client with a dog and they’ve had no issues with these rugs.

Maui Loop Rug: 17 sizes and 7 different colors available. My favorites: Natural (absolutely gorgeous- has variations within the color), Off-White, and Grey (note- the grey has a little bit of a green undertone to it, and you can see it pictured in my room on my blog portfolio). On sale for: $29.19 (for a 3x5) up to $170 (for a 9.5x11.5).

Maui Hand Woven Jute Rug with Wool Fringe: I love the fringe at the end of this rug!! Available in 8 sizes- ranging from $30- $180 (for a 9x12!!).

Maui Jute Wavy Chevron: I love the herringbone pattern in this rug!! Available in 7 sizes ranging from $39- $247.

Kiwa Handwoven Jute Rug: This reminds me of the rug above just without the tassels. Available in two colors (my favorite pictured) and 9 sizes, it ranges from $43- $241.

Maui Diamond Helix Jute Rug: I’ve never seen this one in person, but always wanted to. It looks like it’d be better in a mudroom or screened in porch. Available in 3 sizes ranging from $80-$260.

Slight Shag and Embellished Rugs

I am a “floor-sitter” in that I prefer sitting on the floor when watching tv or eating my breakfast in the morning as opposite to sitting on the couch like a normal person. Our shag rug in our living room adds an extra coziness and cushion on the floor.

Temara Moroccan Rug: Available in 10 sizes, and 4 colors (my favorite being the off-white one pictured, which is more creme and dark navy blue in person, or the silver and white). I’ve purchased this rug for clients 4 times and each person has been super happy with it. Prices range from $40-409 depending on the size (most living rooms would fall in the 7x9 category at $208 on sale).

Temara Morroccan Diamond Rug: Available in 2 colors (my favorite pictured) and 5 sizes, it ranges from $60-$409 on sale.

Shilo Tribal Bands Rug: Ummmmm can someone buy this rug and send me pictures so I can live through you?? How freaking pretty. Available in 7 sizes, ranging from $30 - $131!!! It’s soooo purty.

Jensa Handmade Tassel Rug: Please buy this one too… It’s like the fraternal twin sister of the one above. Available in 5 sizes from $40-$294.

Spangle Tribal Bands Rug: While you’re add it just buy this one too… theses rugs turned out to be triplets… Available in 10 sizes from $24- $424.

Flat Weave Rugs

Primavera Tribal Rug- sounds like a red sauce to me… available in 7 sizes ranging from $50- $250

Chembra Gray Block Cotton Flatweave Rug: Available in 6 sizes from $23- $158

Chembra Striped Geometric Tassels Rug: Available in 2 sizes, $71- $137

Opell Checkerboard Tassel Rug: This is the rug pictured in my basement, available in 2 colors, I would have owned the lighter color if it had been in stock when I was doing my basement- I just didn’t want to wait. Available in 13 sizes ranging from $15- $290.

Granite Ring Around the Rosette- Available in 12 sizes from $29-$304

Bosphorus Honeycomb Rug: Available in 14 sizes ranging from $20-$450, this is the rug pictured in my opening picture to this post.

Treasures Vintage Rug: $43-$276, available in 6 sizes.

Sovereign Textured Rug: ooooo my godddd… someone please buy this rug too. It’s my absolute favorite and I’ve been waiting forever to see it in person. Available in 4 sizes: $90-$399.

And lastly…

Sovereign Textured Trellis Rug: Available in 4 sizes: $89- $399.

These are just SOME of the awesome rugs this website has to offer. Check them out… Sale ends on 5/23… however, hold out and there will always be 40% off or more sales available throughout the year.

As always, thank you for stopping by, reading, and continually supporting me! Once June 27th hits… I promise to be updating this blog more frequently!

<3 Barbra

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