Hi! I'm Barbra. 

I have always loved decorating. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up so that I could one day own a home of my own that I’d be able to decorate in any way I wanted. When my husband and I bought our house four years ago- we worked extremely hard to make it into a comfortable home for all to enjoy. This included renovations, DIY projects, and thousands of trips to Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and other home stores just to find the perfect pieces to compliment our work, all on a budget. Over the years those who have visited my home have mentioned that I have a knack for decorating and that I should decorate on the side. Now that I’m done with my own home- I’ve begun to do just that.

In addition, I created this site as a way of compiling all of my tips, tricks, and projects for family, friends, and whoever else to enjoy. I receive tons of messages every week from family and friends asking for advice for décor in their home- from furniture, to rugs, paint colors, to even more simple things like how to organize books on a shelf or make a bed. I find myself answering the same types of questions quite often- so instead of repeating myself, I figured I would create a site to organize these topics in a better way. I chose the name "The Decor Formula"- because I truly believe there is a formula to a perfectly designed space. I hope to carry this "formula" idea through posts that focus on certain aspects of certain rooms. I'll also include "Do's" and "Don'ts" that we've learned sometimes the hard way- so you can avoid the same mistakes we've encountered along the way. 

Feel free to share with your friends or write to me regarding something you’d like to see appear on here.