Interested in Decorating Services? 

I love the feeling of walking in to a perfectly designed space. To me that space is comfortable, cozy & immediately makes strangers feel at home. In addition, nothing makes me happier than having a beautifully designed room that I know I didn’t spend a ton of money on. Why spend the money when you can get the look for less? I pride myself on my ability to use a wide range of resources, sales, and coupons, to get you that look for less. 

What is it that I do? 

Decorating Consulting & More
Maybe you’re just looking for some ideas for your space and the resources to find the perfect decor  pieces. Maybe you’re looking for the ideas and someone to shop for you- because you just don’t have the time. Or maybe you’re looking for ideas, shopping, and the full execution of the space from start to finish. Whatever your needs are- I can help! 

I look forward to working with you!

For pricing please contact: 

Barbra Scarpulla through email at : 

(I've refrained from listing my phone number on this site because I'm a teacher. Can't do their homework but are perfectly capable of stalking me :P  )