The Details of Our Basement Remodel

The Details of Our Basement Remodel

How is it the end of August??? (ughhhhhh) Thank god August has 31 days to make it just a tad longer. Shad and I are blessed to have the summers off together and while we tried to make the most of it with projects and traveling, it feels like the weather this summer prevented us from getting full use of our backyard area this summer. It's so sad to me that in just a few weeks we'll be closing the pool. 

With potentially 6 months of winter on the horizon (good ole New York), our biggest goal this summer was to remodel our basement and make it match the rest of our house- knowing that we'd be potentially hibernating and entertaining down there in just a short while.

I've been pinning crap for the last 5 years in anticipation of what I've deemed "our last project"- and I'm super proud of how it came out. All of the projects within the basement were completed by both of us which saved us a ton of money and also tested our marriage greatly. (Shad jokes that we almost got divorced multiple times during this project, and I can definitely agree with that statement). 

Before Pictures

Our basement "before" was finished but not to the style of my liking. There were some odd design choices- (such as a rounded corner wall where the sheetrock was put right up to the lally column or wood flooring as the bar top), but we were grateful that the basics of the basement were done like electrical and sheet-rocking,  saving us a ton of money. Ultimately we decided that since the basement was pretty much split into two conjoining rooms- we'd make the one side the "bar/lounge area" (which already had a bar), and the opposite side a gym (which is still a work in progress in regards to machines). Click and swipe below to see. 


So I've been posting sneak peeks of the basement progress on my instagram for the last few weeks- and I've gotten tons of questions as to the details: Paint colors, flooring, pillows, etc.

And while there's still some finishing details/decor items I'm looking for to completely finish this space, it's pretty much complete so this post will break down all of the details.

The Look: 

I absolutely love the look of dark and industrial- metal, leather, wood, dark colors, and since this style of our home upstairs really isn't conducive to this look- I thought the basement would be the perfect spot for this. I wanted this space to look more like a "manly" and "rich" space ( if that makes sense).  Here were my inspiration pictures for the look I was going for: 

to have high ceilings... so dreamy

to have high ceilings... so dreamy

And while it's not as "professional looking" as this inspiration picture, I'm really happy with how it came out. 


After Pictures: 

Enlight692 2.JPG
IMG_7852 2.JPG

The name: "One More".


I decided to name our bar "One More" because it's Shad's most famous line when we're out or we're entertaining and it's time to go home. He always wants to stay for "one more" or hear "one more song" or is trying to convince people to have "one more" when we have people over for parties. So I think it's the perfect name for our bar and to invite guests for "One More." 


Our list of projects for the basement were the following: 

1. Paint (paint colors below)

2. Rip up carpet and lay new floor (Details on product below) 

3. Put up Pallet Wall

4. Re-do bar including cement countertop and brick wall

5. Box out lally columns

6. Build sliding 3 barn doors for storage room

7. Redo stairs with box trim 




Color: (Couch Side) Gray by Benjamin Moore (which looks more like a dark navy blue), and (Gym Side) Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. I painted the stairwell with leftover paint I had from our garage reno project  in "Iron" but it looks a lot like the Gray from Benjamin Moore.  

Pallet Wall: ReclaimedPalletBoards on Etsy, we bought 350 sq ft for $250, check out my post here on the details of this pallet wall. 

Brick behind the Bar: Orange County Mason Supply in Fair Oaks, NY, $280 for 32 sq. ft. The product is called ThinBrick, which is real brick veneer. See my post here on instructions of how I bricked this wall all by myself. (Grout color: Alabaster from Home Depot). 



I hate, hate, hatedddd the carpet in the basement- just because basements tend to be damp and I feel like if your basement doesn't walk out to the outside, the carpet can start to get a musty smell. I wanted to go inexpensive in the basement for the flooring because we had 900 sq ft to cover, so we decided on StainMaster Vinyl Peel and Stick from Lowe's in Safari Brown, applied a layer of peel and stick primer, rented a 100 lb roller and went to town. It wasn't until about half way through the project that I realized I actually ordered the wrong product- I originally wanted StainMaster Driftwood Peel and Stick, which comes in 6 inch wide pieces- I ordered Safari brown in 4 inch wide pieces, which means we would have finished the job much quicker had I bought what I originally wanted. I'm still happy with how it came out. 



Stairwell: I bought 3 runners called "Ranier Pinstripe" from Wayfair and using the 16 gauge "stapler" gun that came in my Portercable air compressor kit, I stapled the rug to the stairs and used upholstery nails down the sides to make it look prettier. 

Couch Area Rug: is called the Opell Checkered Diamonds Tassel from 

Small Rugs: I purchased at HomeGoods for $24.99 each and the brand tag said "Elements" 



Bar Lighting: We bought Westinghouse recessed lighting converter kits from HomeDepot for  $16.47 each. I spray painted the round finishing white "medallion" black, and purchased the lights from Amazon. They were called: Create for Life Industrial Vintage Rustic Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Metal Cage Pendant Lighting Lamp Fixture for Hallway Stairway Kitchen Garage, E26, Black Painting Finish. The price changes frequently on these- and I was able to get them for $14.50 each. Click on the picture below to be brought to them. 

Lighting over the treadmill and bar ledge area: I purchased (2) 3-light semi-flush mount industrial lighting for $62.99 each from Amazon. Click on the picture below to be brought to them. 

Floor Lamp next to couch: was a steal from HomeGoods on clearance for $34!! 

Under Bar lighting: I don't know if you can see it in these pictures but there's an actual LED light strip underneath the entire bar's ledge that shines down on the stools (it's better to see at night). This was actually a random golf fundraiser win of Shad's a few weeks back. I swear God sent him home with that light strip after I'd been bricking and grouting this wall all night- so I couldn't be mad at him for being at golf : P. I know they're available at Home  

Light Bulbs: are all Edison Bulbs (except the recessed lighting are normal bulbs) that my mom purchased from a woman on a Facebook Garage Sale site, she scored us 20 bulbs for $15. 

Home Decor Details: 


Couch and Chair: are real leather by Jasper Laine and were purchased on 

Coffee Table: is a "coffee cart table" from Overstock called the Myra Industrial Cart, I was able to purchase it for $149, because I had a coupon and overstock rewards from our couch purchase. (BTW if you're a teacher joining the O Rewards Club is free). 

Pillows: All pillows with the exception of the oblong lumbar pillow (HomeGoods purchase), were purchased from one of my favorite shops "With Lavender and Grace" and were part of the "Mudcloth" collection. I got the down pillow inserts from for $6.50 each. 

Throws: all from Marshalls $16.99 each

Side tables: the army crate looking ones are WWII ammo crates that we purchased from Hamburg Antique Center on Route 23 in NJ, the end table that also serves as a basket to hold magazines and blankets is from Marshall's and I got that for $39.99

NYC Map Canvas: It's enormous and I purchased it from HomeGoods for $99.99. The wood frame didn't come on it- it happened on accident as a "beautiful mistake", when Shad removed an ugly mantle from the wall it turned out that a waste pipe protruded out of the wall by 4 inches. (We said Oh S*** literally :P ) I had to built a box frame around the canvas so that the canvas could look flush on the wall. 

"One More" Sign: was handmade and painted by Gaby at She's local to Otisville, NY, and can literally paint any sign or image you ask her to. Check out her instagram: creeksideartcompany .  Check out what I sent her and what she painted with no stencils at all below! She specializes in paintings on real barn wood and each painting comes with a story of where the barn wood originated from. 



Dry Bar Cart Area: The cart is from it's called the Bexley Bar cart. The wine glass holder I purchased for $22 at the Potterybarn outlet in Lancaster. Clock and metal arrow are from Hobby Lobby, BAR marquee sign is from Target, and the ice pick is an oldie that Shad inherited from his parent's bar. 

Stools: the bar stools are called the empire adjustable height swivel bar stool by Trent Austin Design (love them!) from and the bar ledge stools are called "The Gray Barn Horseshoe Reclaimed Wood and Iron Barstool" from 

Patent Prints: the prints seen in the gym and bar ledge area are from Etsy. I purchased them from a shop in Tennessee (or maybe it was Kentucky) called PatentPrints. I chose "chalkboard" finish, and they arrived in under a week. I bought the frames with mattes from Michaels Craft Store, on sale for 50% off. 

Entertainment Center: I purchased from it was called the Somerset Entertainment Center for $1150. Frames, baskets, blankets, greenery were all purchased from a combination of Tjmaxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls. The "drink" metal sign was on clearance at Michaels and the industrial candlesticks were purchased from Hobby Lobby, also on sale for 50% off. 

Folding Table in gym area below gym patent prints: This folding table/writing desk is from HomeGoods and I scored it for $149.99. We'll be using it as an area to hold food for when we have parties. 

Sliding Barn Doors: I built these myself and used a similar plan as the one I posted here on my previous post  here: "How to build a sliding barn door for cheap". I also used the same track system from Amazon that I mention in that post. 

I think I included everything within the basement. If there's anything I left out or you have questions on feel free to comment below. If you enjoyed my post feel free to share my page with a friend! 

Thanks for reading!

<3 Barbra



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