Calling All "Fake-Plant Ladies"... Where to find the "real-ist" looking fake plants

Calling All "Fake-Plant Ladies"... Where to find the "real-ist" looking fake plants

After 6 long months of winter here in New York.. the week's forecast seems as if Spring is finally here to stay... (God, I hope I'm not jinxing it!!). 

With Spring soon to be in full bloom, it's nice to bring a little of the outside inside your home in order to welcome the new season. One of the key decorating essentials I include in most, if not every room of my home, is some sort of greenery or flowers, because I feel like it brings a little life into the room.

It's ironic that I say this, because none of the plants or flowers in my home are actually alive.  I have zero green thumb (or thumbs?), and any plant I've ever owned has died- either because I've forgotten to water it, watered it too much, left it out in the cold or sun, or a combination of all of these. Anyone who truly knows or loves me would never buy me a real plant to take care of, I hate getting them as gifts (although I don't mind getting fresh flowers for my birthday). So instead of going without live plants and flowers completely, I like to call myself a proud "fake-plant lady" and "brown-thumber". 


Here are the top 3 reasons why I love fake plants:

1. Zero Maintenance : no water needed, you can go away for a week and they're still alive (haha), & just one less thing I have to remember to take care of. 

2. Budget Friendly : They're the same price, if not less, than purchasing a real plant. 

3. Life Expectancy= Forever : Spend once, and use them year after year. 

However, I think when most people think about fake plants and flowers they think of the cheesy fabric vines and bright red flowers that Italian moms used to decorate with above their kitchen cabinets in the early 1990's (and some still are). (Note: My mom is Italian, which makes me Italian, so I'm allowed to say that : P )  Lucky for me and any fellow "brown-thumb-ers" out there, fake plants have come a long way since then. 

Just see for yourself: 


So, The Top 3 Places I Find Great Fake Greenery and Flowers are: 

1. Hobby Lobby  

2. Michael's Craft Store

3. The TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods chain

And lucky for any fellow fake-plant ladies out there looking to bring the outside in this week- the top place I score great greenery and flower stems is having a 50% sale this week: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.48.55 PM.png

Try decorating the following areas with flower and green stems: 

Fireplace mantels, coffee table vases, entryway tables, shelving units such as bookcases, bathroom shelves, bedroom shelves, bedside tables, front door/porch, bathroom sinks, kitchen tables or counters. 

1. Shopping Hobby Lobby

Some of My Favorite Flower and Green Stems from Hobby Lobby: 

Hobby Lobby is my go-to for spring greenery and is where I do best when I am making a floral or greenery arrangement myself. Their selection is great, and they have the "real-ist" looking fake flowers out of any store I've been to. If you cruise the aisles of their faux flowers and greenery, you'll notice that some of the products they carry still have that outright "cheesy" fake look to them. If you're shopping online, a lot of the online photos don't do justice to how great some of these stems look in person. I always end up clipping off the leaves on the flower stems, because I feel that helps to make them look less fake. Therefore I snapped some pictures of my favorite ones and if you click on the photo you'll be brought straight to the product's link: 

Some of my favorite garland and wreaths.

Use them to decorate fireplace mantels, table centerpieces, around bathroom mirrors, and over doors. *Not on sale this week, but you can use a 40% off coupon or wait until next week when it will be likely 50% off. *

2. Shopping Michaels


I do best at Michaels Craft Store, when they are having a sale, which unfortunately isn't as often as Hobby Lobby. For the most part the only flowers I buy in the springtime from Michaels are hydrangeas- because I feel their other flowers just look "too fake". Ashland spring collection does have green greenery garland this time of year, like pictured to the left. During Christmas, Michaels is my go-to for winter greenery over Hobby Lobby. 

3. Shopping TJmaxx, Marshall's, and HomeGoods


TJMaxx and Marshalls is where I find the best potted greenery (like pictured here) or fake orchids. What I like about shopping here for greenery- is that I don't have to look for something to put the stems in, since they already come in a vase or pot. The pots they come in are usually super cute- and they're reasonably priced at around $6.99- $9.99 in total.  


HomeGoods is where I do best with flower stems that are already in a vase. I often decorate coffee tables or entryway tables with these arrangements. Although they can be upwards of $30, most flower arrangements fall in the $14.99-$19.99 range. 

I hope this post helped to show you how far faux greenery and flower products have come in recent years.  This is a great way to bring the new season into your home, while saving you the maintenance of having to keep real plants and flowers alive!

Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoyed reading this post please feel free to share with a friend or comment below! 

Happy Spring!

:) Barbra 

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