Fall Decorating: 5 Spaces I Change With Each New Season

Fall Decorating: 5 Spaces I Change With Each New Season

I was all set to decorate for Fall on the first day of Fall or later, which is September 22nd- however, I was out shopping for some clients I am decorating for.... and I got jealous of what I was purchasing for them. So of course I came home with some pieces for myself and thought I'd decorate one table centerpiece in my own home to get my fix. From there it was a slippery slope.  I thought I'd decorate a small space here or there, but the cool weather yesterday morning sent me straight into "Fall Mode", and by noon our house was done. 

I love decorating to ring in and welcome each new season- and the colors of Autumn in New York makes Fall top the list on being my favorite season to decorate for. 

With each season there are five specific certain areas of the house I change out- because it would not only be impossible, but overwhelming to change each and every room in a house for each season. (I'm sure there's someone out there that does- but where do you store all that stuff and do you have a day-job???) 

The 5 spaces I change with each season are: 

Entryway + Table Settings + Guest Bathrooms + Fireplace Mantel + and Couch Pillows 

Most of the items in these spaces are neutral staple pieces- and I add very inexpensive seasonal pieces to bring a little bit of each season in these spaces without breaking the bank. I've purchased all of these items from a combination of Hobby Lobby, Michaels, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls. 

1. Entryway: 


The entryway is the space most guests first see when entering your home (unless of course they enter through the garage) and therefore it's the first place I decorate with each new season. This not only includes your porch (if you have one) and front door, but your entryway hallway as well. 

IMG_5598 2.JPG

A few years back I got sick of purchasing pumpkins only to throw them in the woods a month later from them rotting. Over the years the "fake" pumpkins sold at Michaels and Hobby Lobby started looking more and more "real".  For around the same price as the cost of real pumpkins- I purchased fake ones and now use them year after year. Note: I normally decorate my door with real mums- but I don't plan on purchasing them until closer to Halloween because I need them to live to Thanksgiving (I'm terrible at keeping plants alive, which is why I'm a proud- "Fake Plant Lady".) 

Interested in a formula for decorating your front door for the holidays? Check out my previous blog post here: How to Decorate an Entryway for Every Season

2. Table Settings: 


Changing your table centerpieces and table settings to match the season can really warm up a space. Most decor items I use for my centerpieces and table settings stay as staples for each season and I instead change out the "filler" and napkins to match the current season. All of the fake pumpkins shown in this centerpiece were purchased at Hobby Lobby. 


For example, in my table setting above- I use the braided placemat and zinc plate charger for every season- instead I change out the napkins and "napkin topper" to match the colors of the new season. Once you invest in neutral staple pieces- changing the above mentioned pieces can be done for under $20. These striped napkins were 6 for $6.99 at HomeGoods and the fake pumpkins on top were $1.99 plus 40% off per pumpkin at Hobby Lobby. 


Check out my previous post here on ideas for decorating table centerpieces with links to specific items: How to Decorate a Table Centerpiece

3. Guest Bathrooms


For guest bathrooms I change out the hand towels to match the colors of the new season (the ones pictured here were a set at HomeGoods 4 for $6.99, and I split them between two guest baths), and the floral decor. Pictured here again are fake pumpkins I scored for 40% off at Hobby Lobby, some "greenery/berry" sticks from Hobby Lobby (also on sale), and some seasonal garland around the mirror- also on sale this week at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (with the sale the cotton garland was $14.99). 


4. Fireplace Mantel


While some people change out every item on their fireplace mantel for each season or holiday- I really love the decor pieces I have. So instead I only change out the following on my mantel to change it up a bit: The wreath, "layer", and "filler". I added the "Happy Harvest" sign as a layer, fake pumpkins, and garland. Check out my previous blog post here on tips for decorating a fireplace mantel: How To Decorate a Fireplace Mantel. 

5. Couch Pillows: 


I would absolutely love to switch out each and every pillow on our two downstairs couches every season- the only problem is I don't want to store all of those pillows in tubs in our basement in the off-season. So instead, I only change out some of the pillows. For example- I change out the two that are on our entryway bench and the pillows on our family room couch- since it's the room that gets the most use. 

Enlight939 2.JPG

Tips for finding seasonal pillows: HomeGoods, Marshall's, and TJmaxx have great down-filled pillows for $14.99-$19.99 depending upon the pillow. I prefer down-filled pillows, because I cotton pillows get flat easily and there's no way to "fluff" them back up. You can also switch out just the pillow cases- since most down-filled pillows have inserts inside them. If you want to save money on these types of pillows- hit HomeGoods after that specific holiday is over- these pillows are usually on clearance for half the price. 

Bonus Area: 

If you have a chalkboard or chalkboard wall in your space- this is another area you can change depending upon the holiday or season. I change my chalkboard wall 4 times a year: New Year's, Daylight Savings, Summer Countdown,  & Fall. If you're interested in creating a chalkboard wall of your own, check out my previous post here: Chalkboard Walls: How to Create a Chalkboard/Magnetic Wall.  


I hope this post inspired you to start decorating for the upcoming season! Fall flys by super fast- so start earlier and make it worth it! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! If you enjoyed it feel free to comment below or share my blog with a friend! 

:) Barbra 

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