New Items at Hobby Lobby That You Just Might Need in Your Home

New Items at Hobby Lobby That You Just Might Need in Your Home

Today’s short post is brought to you by items that catch my eye and I have no place for in my home.

So of course I was cruising the aisles of my local Hobby Lobby this past week and I couldn’t get over all the pretty new items available for purchase there. I didn't realize just how long the “old line” has been sitting on those shelves for and I should have known that Hobby Lobby was ready to clear house and start new- when I saw all of my “old” favorite items go up on clearance.

I waited until today to post some pictures of these items, because they weren’t on sale last week, and if you haven’t seen some of my previous posts on HL before.. that most certainly means they’ll be on sale for 50% off the following week.

Sure enough, this week’s sale is 50% Wall Decor. See part of that flyer here:

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.24.20 PM.png

Whenever I write a post like this and I start saying things like “ Just because there’s no place for it in my house doesn’t mean it can’t be in yours”, every single damn time, something ends up in my house… haha. As you can see with my opening picture:

$19.99 with this week’s sale

$19.99 with this week’s sale

My husband stared at this picture for longer than I expected and then tried to tell me that the quote is suppose to be centered on this frame, not left aligned and to the bottom… I tried to explain to him that it was the style of it… he just didn’t get it.

So anyways this post will include some snapshots I took of some wall decor that caught my eye.

There’s just so many new items in the store, that you’ll definitely have to go take a look for yourself, because it would take me hours and hours to link these items with the SKU #’s individually. All of these items are available for purchase on their website. (However, that’s the downside to Hobby Lobby- I feel like their website and it’s searching capabilities just aren’t up to par with other home decor sites).

Kids Room Wall Decor that Caught my Eye:


How cute are all these signs?!? I love that most of them can go in either a little boy or little girls room and that the colors are not as “frilly” for a girls room.


Is that a grey Bambi??? I don’t know but the colors of this are so so cute… and under $15 this week.


I don’t know if I’m just attracted to this outdoorsy stuff because I’ve been reading Lonely Planet’s “Montana” all week in preparation for our trip in two weeks and I’ve been seeing tons of pictures of Buffalo… but I love this look for a little boys room. (I def think the flower garland on the left was not meant to be there)


“Little Babe Cave”…. oh my heart <3


These light pink flowers… I love. I’ve done tons of wall collages in little girls rooms and I love how delicate these flowers looks in the light pink.


I don’t know if you’re noticing a trend… but I’m really liking all the mini-kid cave crap right now. They def need a “plant cave” sign… for my little one.


Speaking of Hank Jr., I should definitely get this for him.


These hooks…. <3 <3 <3 <3 … spell out your kid’s name in their room (unless they got a long name like Christina… lol), or get one for each kid with their initial for a mudroom/entryway.

Other New Items Wall Decor or Not that Caught my Eye:

Everything pictured is available for between $8.99 and $19.99 with the 50% sale this week:


You might be noticing a cactus and plant trend on my feed lately… the things that happen to you when you become a plant mom : P … Thanks Jamie


Sums up my life… I wish I could wear ripped jeans to work :)


And lastly… look at these new pendant lights available too! (Not on sale this week, they were on sale last, but there is a 40% coupon online.)


And there’s so many more beautiful items that I didn’t have time to snap pictures of. Maybe this will inspire you to go fill your house up with more crap you probably didn’t need. If nothing else, hopefully this post helped you feel like you were cruising the aisles with me from the comfort of your iPad and couch.

As always, thank you for stopping by, reading, and continually supporting me! If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share my blog with a friend. Happy Summer friends!

<3 Barbra

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