#TakeMeHomeTuesday Weekly Round-Up: Farmhouse Decor Edition

#TakeMeHomeTuesday Weekly Round-Up: Farmhouse Decor Edition

So of course I was on my weekly Monday trip to Hobby Lobby taking advantage of the “Decorative Memo Boards, Chalkboards & Corkboards” sale for a client’s son’s room (so he stops taping pictures randomly to the wall.. haha), and Hobby Lobby’s having a great sale again this week.

It includes the following items (and more categories that aren’t listed).

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 5.39.25 PM.png

This week’s #TakeMeHomeTuesday will feature a lot of items you may have seem in my instagram posts within the last month: as I’ve used tons of the products posted in my own home and others. I’ll include pictures this week on how I’ve staged these items in other people’s homes. This sale lasts until Saturday, so if you can’t head over to the store be sure to buy them online and save yourself the trip. Their shipping isn’t free (which makes me sad) but it’s super reasonable when you factor in the time and money spent driving there.

**Click on the pictures below to be brought directly to the item**

Under $20

My Favorite!!! Lamb’s Ear Wreath : 22” in diameter, Originally $39.99 and on sale this week for $19.99.

Styling Tips: You might have seen this posted as a “random object” in many wall collages I’ve featured on my instagram lately. This beautiful wreath adds that farmhouse charm, and it’s slightly “frosted” leaves make it a good piece to transition through winter. Use it in a collage, on interior doors (like a barn door), above a stove hood, or simply over a piece of art or decor piece on your fireplace.

Pictured below in two wall collages:


Polyester Cotton Garland: 6 ft long! Originally $39.99 on sale for $19.99

Styling tips: Originally I purchased this garland to go on the fireplace mantel of a client, then I got jealous and wanted it for my own home. You can use it on your fireplace mantle, as decorative filler on a table centerpiece, or you can wrap it around a mirror as shown in my bathroom mirror picture below. It’s great quality for $20.


Tripod Candle Holder Large: Originally $34.99, on sale for $17.49.

Tripod Candle Holder Small: Height- 12 7/8”, Originally $29.99 on sale for $14.99

Styling Tips: I included both the large and small and have been eyeing these for a long time. Their rustic-ness (is that a word?) made the perfect decor piece for the top of our entertainment center in our basement. Use them as an anchor on a fireplace (Check out my blog post on decorating fireplaces below), or as a decorative piece on an island or coffee table.


Under $15

Grateful & Thankful Sign: 13x28”- Originally $29.99 and on sale for $14.99

Styling tips: This beautiful piece was featured in my wall collage instagram post from a client’s home that’s also posted above. It’s simplicity would be a great addition to any wall collage, as a layering piece on a fireplace, or even as a layering piece on an entryway table. I’ve seen signs made on etsy for over $60 with the same look, so $15 is quite a deal.

White Flower Wood Wall Decor: 14.75'“ x 14.75”- Originally $25.99 on sale for $12.99

Styling tips: This piece is so much more gorgeous in person and is a steal for the price. I picture buying two of these and stacking one on top of the other on a blank wall in a small hallway, guest room wall, or even a bathroom.

Rustic White Washed Candle Holder: Large- Originally $27.99, on sale for $13.99, Small- originally 21.99, on sale for $10.99

***Note: In the store they have a medium which I prefer over the large. The large just seems too large at 18.25 inches. But for whatever reason it’s only available in gold-wash from the drop down menu on HL.com.***

Styling tips: Use them on an entryway table, table centerpiece, or fireplace mantel. I’ve bought these over and over again for numerous people I’ve decorated for. See them pictured on a fireplace below:


Blessed Wood Wall Decor Sign: 8 x 24”, Originally $24.99 on sale for $12.49

Styling Tips: Another piece included on a wall collage above- this piece has a thick enough border that it can stand on it’s own as a layering piece on a fireplace mantel or entryway table. It would also look great outside on a covered porch with mums to decorate for the fall season.

Under $10

Arrows!! Weathered Gray Wooden Wall Arrow: Originally $9.99 on sale for $4.99

or Wooden Arrow Wall Decor: Originally $13.99, on sale for $6.99

Styling tips: I use these arrows in just about every wall collage I’ve ever done!! They’re a great “filler piece” to point to Family name signs or just signs on a wall collage in general. See them pictured in the wall collages above.

Galvanized Metal Ipad (or Cookbook) Holder Stand: Originally $11.99 on sale for $5.99

Styling Tips: With the holidays soon approaching, how many of you use your iPads for recipes or to play music while cooking? This piece is a great way of holding up that iPad in a stylish way. They also have a beautiful wood one that looks almost like a wood cutting board, but unfortunately it’s out of stock online.

Tobacco Baskets:

Range in Size and Color: On Sale for $20-$7.50 depending on the size


Rectangular: White Wash: 13x 22” : $7.49 - $9.99 (Drop Down Menu Choices: White Wash or Natural) CLICK HERE

Square: Medium 25”x25”  and Small Square 23” x 23”  Baskets: (Also available in Large but it’s enormous): $19.99-14.99 CLICK HERE

Styling Tips: Depending on the size you choose, one large square one would look great as an anchor centerpiece on a fireplace, stacked in a dining room or hallway, or use the smaller ones as layers on a fireplace or table. I’ve seen similar tobacco baskets online selling for well over $85.

And that’s your weekly round up for beautiful items that caught my eye this week. Just because I can’t bring them home, doesn’t mean you can’t!! Happy Shopping friends!

If you liked this post or know someone that would, please feel free to share!! I’m coming up on a year on this blog and I appreciate all of you!!!

:) Barbra

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