#TakeMeHomeTuesday Weekly Round-up: Cozy Edition

#TakeMeHomeTuesday Weekly Round-up: Cozy Edition

Last week’s weekly round-up was super popular and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of these items in your homes! Please keep sharing because it makes me so happy to know these beautiful items are in someone’s home... if not my own !

Now, I don’t know if I should mention this… but the weather report for lower NY is calling for some kind of frozen precipitation on Saturday morning. Ugh… seems like we’re just skipping Fall all together and fast forwarding to winter.

The cold weather and impending darkness (the sun’s been going down earlier and earlier, and it’s only 2 weeks until THE worst day of the year… setting those clocks back an hour) has me wanting to cuddle up on my couch in front of the fire in my pajamas every night. So this week’s #TakeMeHomeTuesday post will be dedicated to making your home cozy for this cold fall weather in fall colors. Also with Thanksgiving only a month away, we have a lot of guests coming into town and staying with us, so I decided this post will be dedicated to some aspects of the makings of a cozy home in regards to:

Pillows, Blankets & Pretty Towels

**Click on the pictures below to be brought straight to the item**


How gorgeous would these look in any bathroom or guest room? These are from WorldMarket.com, and while they currently aren’t on sale, they still come in at a steal for $19.99 and under. Become a World Market Explorer for free, and you can earn yourself reward dollars to spend on future purchases. First timers signing up also get a coupon for an additional 15-20% off your purchases.

Black Sloan Striped Towels: $19.99 and $16.99

Ivory & Black Zohra Towels: $16.99 and $9.99


In a previous blog post on the makings of a cozy home- I talk about how Pillows and Blankets are where it’s at. I feel that you can never have too many pillows and blankets in your home (if having 36 blankets total in our home isn’t evidence of that). I love the look of this blanket because it reminds me of a cuddly fall sweater. The butternut squash color will really add a pop of fall color to your living room this season without breaking the bank. Currently available at Target for $23.49.


Did you know that H&M has a Home section on their website? They have extremely reasonably priced pillow covers. Read below as to why I’m a fan of pillow covers with inserts as opposed to buying cotton-filled pillows.

Here are some of my favorites from H&M:

Both of these are available for $5.99 (and in different color options as well)

Available for $9.99 and $14.99

And available for a steal at $3.99!

So I was in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby last night looking for fabric to reupholster chairs in a client’s dining room when I came across this awesome brand of pillow covers that I’ve never seen before: Merchant 41. Not only are they gorgeous- but they’re 50% off this week, so most of the covers are under $10. I’ve seen Magnolia brand pillows just like this at Pier 1 for over $60 a pillow! These are just some of the awesome pillows available under this brand hidden in a back aisles of Hobby Lobby. (I’ll also get in to why I feel pillow covers is the better option when it comes to pillows after these links.)

Available for: $8.49, $10.99, and $8.99


Buy a down/feather insert from Ikea for $6.99. If you don’t live near an Ikea, you can have them shipped to your home relatively inexpensively, as compared to driving to Ikea and walking through the nightmare maze of that store. You can also get them off amazon from ikea (but most often times they are marked up). Another tip I shared on my instagram a while back- is that I go to the clearance pillow section of HomeGoods, Tjmaxx or Marshall’s. I find any pillow on clearance that has a down insert, which usually can be purchased for under $9. In my experience the uglier the pillow, the cheaper the price. I then ditch the cover and use the down insert.

Here’s why I like Pillow covers with down inserts as opposed to pillows already filled with cotton: 1) Cotton pillows get flat over time and can’t be fluffed up and the covers can’t be changed. 2) Cotton Pillows don’t give a good “pillow chop” like down-filled/feather pillows. and 3) If you invest once in a feather pillow insert, you can use them over and over again- and just switch out the cushion cover with inexpensive options like shown above, rather than having to buy a whole new pillow everytime you want to change them (if you’re in to switching out your pillows seasonally).


Welcome to our Home Wi-Fi Sign: $8.99 regular price (combine that with a 40% coupon available online and can be shown on your phone at the register= $5.40 +tax). Put it on the dresser in a guest room, a welcome tray on the bed, or leave it in your kitchen for your younger guests who will surely be asking you for your wi-fi password come Thanksgiving. ** Note: currently out of stock online, but available in store in the Memo & Chalkboard section**

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Happy Shopping! <3 Barbra

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