#TakemehomeTuesday Weekly Home Decor Round-up

#TakemehomeTuesday Weekly Home Decor Round-up

There’s no secret that I love shopping for home decor items… and as I scan the aisles of stores like Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods weekly: there’s always items I come across that I absolutely love, but they unfortunately don’t have a space in my home. We technically DO have the space, but I’ve always had the fear of having an overdecorated home: one that looks like a home decor gift shop instead of an actual home. So my rule of thumb now that I’ve declared I’m finished decorating our home is… if I bring something home, something else has to leave. And since I’m out all the time now shopping for other people’s homes- I come across great sales and items that I feel have to go in someone’s home, even if it isn’t mine.

So I put out the post today on Instagram asking if my followers would be interested in a weekly round-up of items currently on sale that I’ve come across, and I’m super drawn too. The answer was an overwhelming “yes”… although I”m sure those of you who don’t really care weren’t going to write “no” and instead just moved on (so thanks for that… haha).

Therefore, in addition to my decorating posts that I’m currently posting twice a month, if this post gets enough feedback, I’ll include a weekly sale post on my blog for things I’m drawn to, but just don’t have a place in my home.

This week’s post (and most likely most of my posts) will be focused on Hobby Lobby… my favorite go-to for filler items on shelves, tables, and wall collage spaces.

Their sale this week covers the following items:

Home Décor Sale: 

Candle holders, Wood Décor, Decorative Hardware, Glass Décor, Metal Décor, Framed & Canvas Art, Lanterns, & More 

There’s other items too.. but when this sale comes along once or twice a month- it’s like the mother of all jackpot sales, and has my favorite items, so I don't have to take a trip back the following week to get other items that weren’t on sale, on sale (if that makes sense).

My focus this week will be on Home Decor Farmhouse (or any house) Signs for under $20, as part of this 50% sale and even though there’s literally 100’s of items I love that are apart of this weeks sale… my once a week post will focus on the top 10 of the week I’m drawn to. Future posts will include a mix of all home decor items, not just signs.

So here’s my first ": “TakeMeHomeTuesday” Sale Post:

(and I’ve made it super-easy for you, all you have to do is click on the picture to be brought to the item!)

Under $20

#1 Floral Truck Wood Decor, originally $34.99, on sale for $17.49

I love the look of this painting with it’s black backdrop. It would look absolutely beautiful as a backdrop behind a table lamp on a bedside table, on a wall collage, or even as a layering piece on your fireplace. I’ve seen similar pieces in Home Decor feeds that are well over $50. It measures: 23 5/8” x 15 5/8”.

Under $15

#2: Welcome Home Wood Decor Sign, originally $24.99, on sale for $12.49.

I absolutely love the colors of this sign!! Styling Ideas: Use it as a layer on an entryway table, a sign on porch, in a mudroom, or even in a wall collage. It measures 21” x 17”.

#3: PS. I Love You, originally $24.99, on sale for $12.49.

This has the complete look of an etsy handpainted sign for well less than it would even cost to ship it to your home. I love the simplicity of this sign and it’s a great price for the size. It would look great in a master bedroom behind as a layer on a bedside table, shelving unit, or even a dresser. It measures: 24 5/8” x 11”.

#4: Let’s Stay Home Wood Cutout, originally $29.99, on sale for $14.99

I’m not going to lie… I said these pieces don’t have a place in my home, but I came home with this one. I’m thinking of putting it over my entryway bench above our wall hooks when you walk in my home. I’ve seen tons of decorators using this in their homes on instagram with links to sites for cutouts for well over $100. Don’t like the black? Paint or spray paint it. It would look great over a couch or master bed. It measures individual word lengths: 9”- 12.5" width: 6 15/16”.

#5 Gather Together Metal Wall Decor: originally $27.99, on sale for $13.99

I love the mix of wood and metal in this sign and it’s perfect for Fall decorating. Use it in an entryway or porch, to decorate a dining room table or food table for Thanksgiving, or all year round in a kitchen. It measures: 20 5/8” x 8 3/4”.

#6 It’s So Good To Be Home Wood Decor Sign, originally $21.99, on sale for $10.99

I included this oldie but goodie because it was recently shown in an instagram shelving unit photo I included of my client Karin’s shelves down in Texas. I helped her decorate these shelves remotely and sent her items I thought would look good on the shelves. This sign can be used on an entryway table, shelving unit, or in a shelving display. Check out my instagram photo to see it styled. It measures: 13.25” x 13.25” and is about 1/2” thick so it can stand on its own or be leaned against something.

Under $10

#7 Natural Home Wood Wall Decor Cutout, originally $19.99, on sale this week for $9.99

I love this sign as a filler for wall collages or as a layering piece on a fireplace. You can see a sign styled like this on my instagram photo of the recent wall collage I did down in NJ. This is not the only sign like this currently on sale and available. Others include the words: Mr. & Mrs., Farmhouse, Welcome, etc. It measures: 18.75” x 8 5/8”.

#8 A Day Without Coffee Canvas Wall Decor, originally $17.99, on sale this week for $8.99

I actually just purchased this for a client as a backdrop against her backsplash in her kitchen next to her coffee machine. There’s no denying that I am a serious coffee addict, and I love all signs related to coffee. (In fact on my drive over to Hobby Lobby today, my google maps on my phone popped up and said “13 minutes to QuickCheck”… so even my iPhone knows I have a problem). I’m super drawn to black signs as you can see in the items I posted above and I love the “just kidding, I have no idea” part. It measures: 12 1/8” x 12 1/8”.

#9 Calories Definition Wood Wall Decor, originally $14.99, on sale this week for $7.49

I was drawn to this sign, because I thought it was different against the traditional “Gather” and “Let’s Eat” signs that are typically in kitchens. This sign would look great as a layering piece on a kitchen shelf, on a kitchen counter, or even in a wall collage or command center in a kitchen.

#10 Wash, Dry, and Bonus: Mudroom Tags, all originally $11.99 each, on sale this week for $5.99

How cute are these? I thought they would be perfect to tie on to baskets in a laundry room. They don’t look that large in the photo, but they’re pretty big in person, each measuring: 20.75” x 7 7/8” (check the Mudroom size one though, I believe that’s a different size then Wash & Dry).

Bonus for under $5:

BONUS: Party of 4…. or 5.. or 3, (but I guess sadly, Party of 2 isn’t a thing.. thanks Hobby Lobby : P) Originally $7.99, on sale for $3.99

How cute is this little sign? I was originally drawn to it for myself.. but I guess a Party of 2 isn’t a thing… so then I thought for a wall I’m doing in a client’s home: they’re a party of 6… but that wasn’t available either (I even checked online). So if you have 3, 4, or 5 people in your family it’s the perfect small piece to add to a wall collage, use it decorate a shelf with greenery around it, or hang it on the wall inside a green wreath like shown in my wall collage instagram picture from last week. It’s smaller and measures: 9.75” x 6”.

Now.. this is just 11 of the really awesome items on sale this week at HL. Go to the store in person to check out this sale- or if you don’t have time, just order online.

If you like the idea behind this post and want to see more, please comment below so that I can know that this post is actually useful to you. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope some of these items are able to find a place in your homes!

:) Barbra

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