Farmhouse Decor Round-up for under $30

Farmhouse Decor Round-up for under $30

As you probably already know, Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores (second to HomeGoods of course) and most of my decor pieces come from a combination of both stores.

What I love about Hobby Lobby is their frequent sales. If you've never been there, prepare yourself, because it can be very overwhelming at first.  There is just so much beautiful stuff in every aisle and it's almost always on sale.  Every week different departments are on sale for 50% off- and if they're not on sale one week, they're sure to be on sale the next week (so wait and hold out like I often do, or buy when you're there and bring it back for a price adjustment, which I often do as well. : P )  Hobby Lobby's prices are already reasonable prior to the sales, and then the added 50% off just makes the purchase feel that much sweeter. 


The departments that are on sale this week include: Wood Decor, Metal Decor, Home Decor, as well as wreaths and flower arrangements.

Most of the items I like in this store fall into these categories- so whenever they all go on sale at once it's an added bonus. 

I love browsing the aisles and "looking"- and I see ton of stuff I love every week, but I just don't have the place for it in my home. I've always had this fear of having an "overdecorated" house.  One that looks like a gift shop when you walk in... that you could just buy things off the wall from... or a home was just a few pieces away from ending up on TLC's show "Hoarders" (No roaches, mountains of adult diapers or cat skeletons though....Home Decor edition of course). I don't like clutter, which is precisely why the day we take down our Christmas decor is my favorite day of the year (besides Daylight Savings in the Spring). 


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.24.40 PM.png

A writer from the 1800's named William Morris once summed up how I feel about decorating when he said: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." So if I truly love something, I have to have it. 

And if I have to have it, the rule I have for myself is: 

If I find something new that I truly love and want in my house, I have to have a place for it.

If there's not a place for it, then it has to replace something I already have, or I have to sadly leave it where I found it: on the shelf at the store.


And there's a ton of self-talk that goes on in my head when I find something I love:

Yes, You love it.  Yes, You want it. But, you don't need it... plus there's no place for it. Put it back.  But couldn't it go here? No, put it back. Walk away. 


So my thought today while browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby during this amazing sale was:

...just because these items I love don't have a "place" in my home, doesn't mean they can't be in yours.

I mean, some of them are just too beautiful and good to pass up that they have to be in someone's house! So this post is a round-up of beautiful pieces to decorate your home with if you love the "farmhouse feel" that are all $30 and under (and in most cases they're less than $20.) 

This sale ends on Saturday, so if you can't make it to a Hobby Lobby near you or you don't have one near you- that's ok too, you can buy these items online and the shipping is pretty reasonable. (HL is not open on Sundays.) 

(By the way.. does anyone else HATE paying shipping? Even if it's only like 5 bucks??  In most cases I probably spent more in gas driving to the store... but when Wayfair and companies alike will ship me 500 pounds of furniture for free, I have a hard time paying shipping for some cotton stems and a wreath... am I right?)  

Here are just a few of the beautiful things this store has to offer: 

 Click on these photos for direct links. See my descriptions and suggestions below.

Prices & Decorating Ideas: 

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.19.37 PM.png

Cotton Stems in glass- SKU 1394600, originally $29.99- sale price: $14.99, (24.5 inches tall.)  Decorating Ideas: Decorate a side table, put them on a shelf in the backdrop of a picture frame, buy a few and line a fireplace mantel with them, or put one on each end of the mantel. Not feeling the glass? They also sell cotton stems and a cotton wreath (wreath is on sale this week for $29.99,  stems are $6.99 each but should be on sale next week) . 

Grateful & Blessed Sign- SKU 1549369, originally $59.99 on sale for just $29.99. I just love the look of signs with a wood border and beautiful yet simple writing. There are tons of signs for sale on etsy, but if you don't want to break the bank, buy this sign. It's such a great steal for the size which is 32 by 22 inches. Decorating Ideas: Hang it above a table in an entryway, a reading nook by a chair in a corner, or use it as an "focal" piece on a             fireplace mantel. 


Black Metal Coffee Cup stand: SKU 1312917 originally $34.99, sale price: $17.49. Size: 12" diameter, 15.5" height. Decorating Ideas: Use it as a centerpiece on an island,  dining room buffet, or coffee bar to display your coffee mugs. I have one on a smaller scale that I take out for the holidays and put next to my coffee server- so you can always just take it out when you have guests over for holidays so they can grab a coffee mug and help themselves.


Galvanized Beaded Pie Stand Medium: SKU 5809249 originally $39.99, sale price: $19.99. Size: 11.5" diameter. Decorating Ideas: Use it to decorate kitchen display cabinets, an open shelf, the top of a dining room buffet, or use it as a display with greenery on top. They sell multiple sizes- small, medium, and large, all at different prices. 



Thankful sign: SKU 1466010 originally $24.99, sale price: $12.49. Size: 8"x 24". I love love love the look of this sign.  Decorating Ideas: Use it to decorate an entryway table, console table, side table, a shelving unit, or on your front porch with plants and crates. It also can be used during the fall to go along with Thanksgiving. It's got the look of a handmade etsy sign, but at a steal for under $13. 


Galvanized Tall Olive Buckets: SKU 1395417, Sale price: $32.49* for three*. I know technically this is over $30. However, if you purchase these buckets in the store, you can buy them individually (when you buy online they won't separate them). The large is just $15 on sale, and they sell the medium and smaller ones too for $12 and $10. I've never bought the set- only individually in the store. They range in size from 10.5" to 13.5" in height. Decorating Ideas: You can use them to display plants on a porch, entryway table, or fake stems on a fireplace mantel. Use the medium size one as a farmhouse style trash can in a bathroom. 


Tobacco Baskets: Large:  SKU: 1394857, originally: $17.99, sale price: $8.99, Small SKU: 1394899, originally $14.99, sale price: $7.49. These are sold individually, and the link in the picture above will only bring you to one size, but it will show the other size in the smaller pictures at the bottom of the website. If you love the look of tobacco baskets- but don't want to spend over $50, which is what they cost on most farmhouse decor sites- this is the deal for you! The large is 15" by 24", and the small is 12.25" by 20.75". Decorating Ideas: Use them as a filler pieces on a fireplace mantel or as backdrop when decorating shelves. Want even larger ones? They sell enormous square tobacco baskets for $20 (2.5-3 feet wide) which are currently in the clearance section of the store.  


It's so Good to be Home Sign: SKU: 1465889, originally $21.99, sale price: $10.99. Size: 13.25" by 13.25". Decorating Ideas: Yet another "handmade"- look sign with wood border- this sign could be used for a collage wall, hang it on a organizational wall in a mudroom, put it on a fireplace mantel as a layering piece, or use it to decorate an entryway. 

Vintage Metal Scale: SKU: 1454750, originally $59.99, sale price: $29.99. Size: 10"x8"x11". This scale is pretty large in person and caught my eye right away. It has the "look" of an old scale- but without the real rust and the need for a possible tetanus shot. Decorating Ideas: use it on a kitchen shelf with greenery or fruit, a kitchen countertop, or a kitchen island display. 



Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.16.54 PM.png

Magnolia Wreath: SKU: 1247311, originally $59.99, sale price $29.99. Size: 23" diameter. If you're a fan of HGTV's Fixer Upper- than you've definitely seen this wreath. It's available on the Magnolia website for close to $100. This is a great copycat and for a great price. Decorating Ideas: Hang it on a front door, an interior barn door, or over a mirror/picture on your fireplace. 


Farmhouse wood sign: SKU: 1395094, originally $59.99, sale price: $29.99. This is an amazing price for the sheer size of this sign: It's 3 and a half feet in length at 42" by 19". Looks are definitely deceiving online. It's so beautiful and I wish I had space for it (or lived on a farm). Decorating Ideas: Hang it in an entryway over a table, in your dining room, a wall in a hallway, or use it as the main focal piece on a fireplace mantel and throw some tall greenery on each side. 

Barn framed in barn wood: SKU: 1480250, originally $39.99, sale price: $19.99. Size: 22.5" x 17". The picture online doesn't do it justice- it's even more beautiful in person and the frame looks like it's made out of real barn wood. The best part is they sell a matching framed windmill photo as well. (I can't find it online but they do sell it in the store). Decorating Ideas: use it in a bathroom, hallway, or guest room wall. Decorate the backdrop of a shelf or use it as a layering piece on a fireplace mantel. Buy the matching windmill picture and stack two on top of one another on a wall. 


Clay Pots: Prices $12.99- $3.99 and sizes vary. SKUS range depending on which one you want, but the SKU for an example one is: SKU: 5639216. Currently not on sale this week but their prices range from $12.99 down to $3.99 without the sale, use the 40% coupon online if you can't wait until they go on sale. I love the look of clay pots with real or fake plants. I would love to be able to keep a plant alive, but since I have no green thumb whatsoever, I often buy floral greenery picks at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and make my own arrangement in pots. Decorating Ideas: Use them with plants on shelves or side tables, decorate the center of a table, or buy pretty macrame plant hangers and hang them from a ceiling by a sitting chair. 


Blessed sign: SKU 1465830, originally $24.99, sale price: $12.49. Size: 8"x 24". Just like the Thankful sign, I love love love the look of this sign.  Decorating Ideas: Use it to decorate an entryway table, console table, side table, a shelving unit, or on your front porch with plants and crates. It's got the look of a handmade etsy sign, but at a steal for under $13. 


Metal Photo Clip: SKU: 1459775, originally $14.99, sale price: $7.49. Size: 15.75" in height. I love the look of these photo clips as alternatives to frames. They're industrial, rustic, farmhouse-ish, all-in-one, and make changing out photos super easy. Decorating Ideas: Use them on an end table, entryway table, sofa console, or to decorate shelves. Buy a bunch and use then as fillers on your fireplace mantel all in a row. 



Enlight203 2.JPG

Country Galvanized Canisters: SKU: 1549484, original prices are $16.99, $14.99, and $12.99, sale prices are: $8.49, $7.49, and $6.49 respectively. Basically you can get a set of three farmhouse style canisters for under $24. The only problem is- all three are available in the store and I only found one: the flour canister, online. So if you want all three you just might have to make the trip to Hobby Lobby in person. Decorating Ideas: Use them on your kitchen counters, open shelves in a kitchen, a buffet in a dining room, or on a coffee bar. 


Now remember the sale is on all home decor, wood, and metal decor, and there are sooo many more beautiful decor items that you can get for under $30 that I haven't included in this post. My list of favorites could go on and on forever- and most of these items would be in my home if only I had the place for it. So if nothing else- maybe this will get you to the store in the next two days so you can discover the amazingness of Hobby Lobby yourself. And maybe, just maybe, these farmhouse decor steals can find a place in your home! 

Please feel free to comment below or message me and let me know if any of my favorites from above ended up in your shopping cart this weekend. 

Happy shopping and thank you for reading!! 

:) Barbra 

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